August 31, 2015

Scarlet's Dream


The waves move
Like liquid glass
In the raging sea
Reflecting the
Crimson sky as
My heart fell for thee.

The sky it burned
More red than passion itself
As the waves engulfed
The very sky
From the sea.

Flowers drenched
My hair, wild and natural,
It's red locks
Flowing with the sea air
Crowning my head
With purple fire.

There green-leaved palm
Rocked and shook
As the breath of
Her, Islan drew
Making sky to land
Shake with the waters.

At its edge
Waterspouts flew
Pulling from sand
Life of a man
Hair just as red
Contrast from an
Aquamarine gaze.

The ocean shifted and swayed
Pushing him closer to me
This lonely ocean child
Being presented
With her companion to-be.

Here is a poem for the dreamers who's dreams are born of the sea.

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~

August 29, 2015

How to view it...


    Isn't it odd how your perception changes of the world around you changes. It could be one way for years, until that one moment when you pause, look up and around, and see everything a little clearer. Or you look up and feel small like your life is making you feel less than you had once upon a time. Or even as you stand you feel your back straighten and you seem to grow a little taller than average and you feel bigger because you are where you want to be, truly happy without anything dragging you down.
    These are the points in life that are marked in our minds, no matter how seemingly small the experience is. We change from day to day, slowly, bit by bit, until the impact of our change hits us so hard we have to take a moment and we have to mark it down. If we don't we soon forget where we come from.
    This change is mapped by the choices we make and what we put ourselves through. So, could you imagine how much we have a hand in our change? We don't have all the power because we live in a world of our choice and the unpredictable variables around us, fate, or what have you. So it is important to realize we have that power to change ourselves; into what is the great decision all have to face. Do we want to become someone else or stay true to ourselves, do we want to grow hard and bitter or toughen that vulnerable little "us" inside, as apposed to building a brick wall around it that is as easy to tear down as straw. Do we want our heros to come at our every whim or become the saviours of each other.

    Such a big question, but the choice is clear to those who see it.

August 28, 2015

A Small Prose Piece...


    My pencil scratches graphite into the paper. And then I stop. The noise is just unbearable. It's like I'm cutting at the very fabric of creation, hoping for the blood produced will flow and create a world for me instead of me inking a tattoo that would serve as a window into this unseen world. Why do I do this? I'm not the creator. I am the conduit, for this world already exists. I don't need to bleed creation to make a world; its already there. I just provide the window. I mend the same the wound with the pink patchwork, that the end of my pencil provides and wait till I can feel the story of another world whispering its story in my ears.

    In life we often tend to force things into existence. We want it to be so, so we disregard all the possible opportunity to get to that one thing in life as close to us as possible. Some would argue that that's good and shows how much you want it. Others would say there is a certain order to which these things come. I feel it's both fighting and flowing. We are presented with different tasks that prove to ourselves how much we want what we are after but we also have those moments were patience is the sure way to see the next step. Food for thought.

August 27, 2015

Not a start, just picking up...


Hello world! I started my day with reading a quote from Serious Black from Harry Potter, basically saying that we have both good and bad inside us but the one we chose determines the man. It is so interesting and odd to start my day like that, getting thruster into the philosophizing zone of my head and heart. However it leads one to ask: how do we determine what is good and what is bad, what is dark and what is light, what is right and what is wrong? Can it be determined by the twist of the gut or that strong powerful moment when you need to reach out for a hug and embrace someone just because you feel like giving that love?
I guess it all boils down to our indeed of benevolent and malevolent. Right and wrong are too relative to the person. A murderer can think it's completely ok to "kill" the craving and think that seeking outside psychological help is just wrong. Benevolent and malevolent are the closest to what can determine that eternal struggle that people are going through everyday aside from your intuition, gut instinct, heart, whatever you want to call it; its that feeling we get when we know we aren't supposed to do something and that feeling we feel when we know something is just exacting as it should be. Alot of the time, however, people can't determine this because of their lack self-knowing. It's also that fear that one might be rejected because of uniqueness and difference. So,this then becomes their own blindfold that, until they change, will always lead them to that same moment, evey night, when the clock says its late enough where everyone's asleep, and the tears start coming, the anxiety attacks, and they are left in a sad slump trying to convince themselves that they are happy, when they know they aren't.
Sad life style, that. I just hope and pray that I'm going in the direction I'm meant to, live a life made from love, and atleast try. The "made from love" part causes my mind to re evaluate those words with the societal view that it's a cheese filled remark, corner even, but you know what, the feeling of love is what has brought down empires; so, its alright.
So, world out there, dream big and ask the questions. You never know what answers you might get, you might just touch, or you might never get, which, adds to the fun.

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~