June 28, 2016

The Truth Is "Quintessential Exposure"

​There is some true beauty that lies within all. That beauty is strength, uniqueness, individuality, drive determination, kindness, and love. Granted we all have our darker sides, but it's how we decide to overcome them that makes people truely beautiful.

Every Person has in-depth complexities that make them who they are and if you ever get a chance to witness such complexities aside from your own, learn from that experience. There are a great many people with a great many different way they see things and to witness something as such would change and expand one's own views. It's a great adventure, looking into the eyes of another and seeing there soul.

My latest anthology of poetry called "Quintessential Exposure: An Anthology of Poetry" highlights the different perspectives and struggles people still strive through even when they feel as if they are struggling terribly.

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~

June 23, 2016

Baring Self To Self


There is something so profound about admitting one's faults to one's self. It's freeing in a way when you can openly say, "yes, i am afraid, i am terrified," and tack on for more of a hopeful ending to such a bleak admittance, "but i won't let that control me and keep me further from what I have worked to hard to get to." People nowadays are so afraid and let that fear control them and it destroys so much. The fear of resentment for honest feelings, the fear of being seen as different, the fear of the unknown, the fear of reality, and the fear that what they thought was perfect is actually human and has faults.
The thing is, you can't take away the fear that rests in the heart of another. That is for them to do on their own. They have to want it as much as they want the things that make their hearts sing. We have to want it for ourselves because breaking out of the comfort zone take a real effort. No body wants to let go and change. Change is one of the most terrifying things of all because just when you think you have it all figured out, the world does a flip on you and you have to relearn everything again while still keeping in mind all that you had previously learned.
Fear, however, does serve a purpose. It is a mechanism that helps you realize your faults and makes you stronger; it is basically the weight the powerlifter trains with and every time the powerlifter overcomes one he goes on to one that is a little heavier. So if it isn't built up as this crazy thing in out minds and we actually take a look at what fear actually is, we gain clarity and perspective or, better yet, clarity in our true perspective in life. What we grow from and what we choose to shake off of us is the future steps of where we will be because we have a choice in the matter. That is always one thing to remember, we always have a choice no matter what. The consequences of said choice may lead us to a certain decision because of their severity, however the choice remains regardless to do what we feel is right or to not. For clarification, what i mean by, "do what we feel is right," is to go with that feeling that resides deep inside you that you know with every fiber of your being is the right thing to do, regardless of what others would have you do. Now you need your mind to interpret this feeling, because heart and mind are meant to be used together, however if you go with pure logic you will falter; if you lead go wit your heart and lead into the situation without proper tact, you will falter.
So if one is to make any decision, one must face the facts and face themselves and recognize their fears and what is indeed holding them back. Once you can do this, you next move will be easier to glean from this world that is as unpredictable and vexing as it is majestic and eye opening.

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~

June 9, 2016



The hardest part,
Is trying to swallow,
As the fist tightens around,
Your fragile neck.

Wisps of air,
And whimpers,
You want to claw,
But instead,
Pretend it's not there.

Everything is fine"
Said through escaping tears,
And painfully forced smiles.

Once your enemy and fear,
Is now the solace you escape to,
Quiet sobs, in a darkened room.

Lost control,
The fist tightens,
Then starts to loosen,
Until you can breathe.

Too exhausted,
To care any longer,
Or give any fucks,
You can breathe now,

And for now,
You're free.

(This poem will also be in my next ebook anthology of poetry.

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~)

June 6, 2016



It is always interesting rummaging through my old poems and pictures that I did when I was younger. It is a representation of change and allows me to do quick or slow reflections, depending on the depth of the piece, of my former understanding. We call is it "nostalgia" but that tern has a negative connotation that someone is lingering in the past. However, what is it that draws our attention to the old dusty pile of notebooks from days long past? What is that drive to look back through the windows we created long ago? It's something more-i mean it breathes the very essence of something more, because there is never just one emotional outcome. We look and we feel sad, happy, mortified, stunned, and nostalgic. It is a self actualization in the present that completely drives us through all that we have felt and experienced, but here's the kicker: once you have gone and done the exclamations of emotions remembered and start to really settle in to that peaceful state of getting-it, you start to change again and you advance. As you grow older, this moment shortens, because it seems time goes by faster.

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~