August 31, 2016

The Restless Self

What do you do with your restless self? Do you fake productivity in order to cure the bout of restlessness, or do you cave and just wallow in it's mazmatic gunge, letting it seep further and further into you like black drops of ink in clear water? There is no definite answer. Each person has their own way to break the chilling feeling of discontentment within their hearts. it is such a unique thing for everybody, but so very common. Some don't even try to deal with it; they just let it fester themselves until they are taking meds for anxiety.

I breathe and remember what it is I'm doing and what path is mine. Of course, to plan overly would be a disservice to one's self because of the way life throws wrenches into the gears we arrange and I most certainly do not claim to know all of what will come my way, but I know that recognizing what path I'm on can be as simple as me taking a look at where I have come and where my heart shows me I should go.
The breathing clears the mind. If you ever notice, when someone is nervous or anxious their breathe quickens or they advance to holding it for a few moments at a time. To breathe slowly and calmly it allows you to focus yourself. Without focus there is just a sense of being overwhelmed and taking everything in all at once, which, is a great shock to the mind and body. 
Life should not be stressed over, I feel, except in those key moments. To be consumed by all that happens is a choice, no matter how much one feels that there is no choice.
~Thoughts of a Dreamer~

August 30, 2016

I See You

There is a sometimes a frequence, a wave, that connects two people together. There is a deeper feeling between the two than what can be gleaned skin deep. There is more than what can be observed on the surface of brand named clothing and perfectly done makeup. This is the essence of a person, their spirit. The truth of who they really are and all of their depth. Each person is unique, and has their own unique hue, but sometimes two hues just click. It could be a lover or it could be a friend, but either way the connection, that bond of understanding before even being acquainted, pulls them together to be with each other at any moment and time. Some speculate that this is in fact a spiritual recognition for a past life relationship that was too deep to not have an effect on the current. This would be considered some sort of spiritual memory, that of which, we are not completely conscious of because of the fact that our perceptions are locked in our current state of being: in our physical bodies. Could you imagine what we would learn if we had the ability to, at will, tap into such memory banks beyond just an electromagnetic pull shared between two people? It sounds intriguing but also frightening if one would consider the brain's capacity for such a thing. It would get confused between each and every life, as it would be life times stored in the head of one. However, life is more than just extremes. We have mentioned the possibility of accessing such spiritual memory much like a librarian and the other extreme of one being overwhelmed, so the possibility of a person that can walk around living their life focused and aware of all that has to do with the current life and live with these memories of other lives in their head. With that being said, imagine how much that person would recognize the constant spirits that are in his/her life?

One thing that has always been a constant for me is the recognition of more.There is always something beyond our meager understandings and it is comforting because i know that there will never be a time when I say, "I am done learning," because, well, where is the fun in that?
~Thoughts of a Dreamer~

August 29, 2016

Dive Within

​You know, there are a string of funny things in this life that make us feel as if we have got everything figured out in the colored glass we look through. The hue presents an aura that is meant to comfort and make feel special. To pull down said colored glass, I feel, is a frightening prospect to anyone. To see the world for what it really is is a frightful thing if you can't handle diversity in color and shade. There are shades of every spectrum, imaginable and unimaginable that exist all around us. However, being creatures of comfort, we tend to linger on the shades we find most agreeable. Oh, how diversity will put pallor to our face quicker than a nightmare. It is one of the most interesting things to behold when you witness a person who realizes that there is depth to every day life beyond what we can merely see; that there is depth to themselves that they had no clue existed. How interesting for one to not know themselves enough and not know what one is capable of. It would make me scratch my head but only because ingrained is a teaching that one should always get to know who they are. 

Well, where would be the knowing of individuality without such an adventure? what is it that would separate one from the crowd if such a search did not commence? How would one find the true value of living as well as the drive without it? It is a challenge, for sure, but that is the point. The effort makes you appreciate the journey as well as the knowing when it all comes together. And i feel people want to appreciate something, they want to adore something, so what is better than to appreciate and adore something about ones's self, or admire one's self, the one thing that is and always will be in the now and actionable not matter what?
It can be so beautiful. All one would have to do is try.

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~