September 22, 2016

White Haze

Covered in a white dream like haze,

Why are dreams so sweet?

Is it the diversity that brings,

To our tattered minds the new ideas?

Is it the great swell of sight,

That unfolds before our very eyes?

Is it the contact with another worlds,

That scientists have chalked up to,

Chemicals and neurons?

And why do we long to go back,

When some of the dreams,

Are worse than the very life we live?
It's safe that's why,

You can come back,

You can feel just enough,

To make an imprint on your mind,

Real enough to be a memory,

But not true enough to leave,

The marks of physical scars.
It 's the white haze that keeps you,

In a cocoon  of separation.

Every now and again,

That cocoon  drops and we are privy,

To what we know,

As a nightmare,

A terror of the night,

But what is scary about a nightmare?
The blood,

The monster,

The fear gripping your chest,

Of the reality of it all,

The very reality you are faced with,

The reality of recognizing,

Your mortality.
(Have you ever had a dream just stick with you, like that very atmosphere was carried over to your wakeful self?)

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~

September 21, 2016

The Ultimate Aknowledgement

A secret call,
A silent whisper,

Reverberating through the consciousness.

Not a dream but a beautiful truth,

Reality brought forth to the forefront of the mind.


Where the sensation of color,

Is always attainable,

This call you feel yourself answer,

Against your rational mind,

Your rigid mind,

Your caged spirit.


All it took was a smile,

A blink of awareness,

As this call called you,

You looked at it, you felt it,

And it felt you.


What is it,

This feeling of complete truth,

This feeling of love that enraptures you,

This feeling of connection,

That envelopes you in open arms,

Of warmth and a pure kind of love?


(Feeling quite poetic today, there is something about this overcast that fills me with the unspoken words of my heart, these words that the day-to-day would have me abandon. Not Today)

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~

September 15, 2016

Ah...The Little Things

I know I have already written a great deal on the importance of the little things but it is good to revel in them for a moment. I sit at my kitchen table with my cup of sweetened green tea and an unorthodox dessert to my right and I'll steel a bite from my heavenly dish and a sip from my devine tea. Why is this important?-Because every body needs their little things that give them joy, that give them a sense of complete happiness. Ultimately it isn't the objects that are the need, but the appreciation of the things in question. The appreciation is the richer part of any dessert. Appreciation is something completely unselfish and because it is it fuels that part of us that is humble and kind and all around good. Taking a moment to appreciate something wholesome and impactful in a positive way makes one genuinely feel good inside; as opposed to the instant gratification of stroking or having stroked one's ego...which would be the other end of the spectrum. But no, this, this beautiful moment as I lovingly tap these keys and enjoy this calm atmosphere along with my tea and dessert, is full a a deep, core soothing appreciation that, with every exhale, settles my mired mind and calms my heart. Moments like these, should never be gone without recognition.
~Thoughts of a Dreamer~

September 4, 2016


Some times in life you get this overwhelming feeling that you were placed in that exact spot for a definite reason or a distinct purpose. There is a constant philosophy that everything happens for a reason but one can hardly feel it all the time; so it serves more as a comforting reminder. However, these moments where you feel the weight or gravity of your place in time, that philosophy becomes more of an actualized self realisation. You happened for a reason. Such a feeling can change a persons life and push them beyond the stage of life when one feels useless and worthless. This feeling, also, when felt could actually make sink in all the words of others that harped on a fact that that person is purposeful.

Some would think that there are some people out there that would die and no person would even give a blink of care but that simply is not the case. For every action there is a reaction, especially in those related to the object that in fact is apart of the action. Someone is always affected, whether the effected is the murderer, the witness, the coroner, the mortician, the family member, or the person that would have benefitted from the presence of the person who has passed. Life is purposeful, living is purposeful, and so is death.
I have never had a knowing of what i may come across or what i am yet to experience, so i don't ever mess with the possibility that my life may be impactful to an other's. I know i have purpose because this feeling has graced me many times before. So, why try to deny a feeling that rocks you too the core as well as gives you physical proof?
~Thoughts of a Dreamer~