September 21, 2016

The Ultimate Aknowledgement

A secret call,
A silent whisper,

Reverberating through the consciousness.

Not a dream but a beautiful truth,

Reality brought forth to the forefront of the mind.


Where the sensation of color,

Is always attainable,

This call you feel yourself answer,

Against your rational mind,

Your rigid mind,

Your caged spirit.


All it took was a smile,

A blink of awareness,

As this call called you,

You looked at it, you felt it,

And it felt you.


What is it,

This feeling of complete truth,

This feeling of love that enraptures you,

This feeling of connection,

That envelopes you in open arms,

Of warmth and a pure kind of love?


(Feeling quite poetic today, there is something about this overcast that fills me with the unspoken words of my heart, these words that the day-to-day would have me abandon. Not Today)

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~

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