November 2, 2016

Only Time

One thing I have noticed while going through this wild ride of not only life, but shaping myself as a writer, is that there is nothing that happens right away. There is no speedy acquisition of the skills that one learns to reach a certain goal. Why is that? Well, it takes us time to understand everything that we want to do and we must learn a way to properly go about doing it. Yes, we build tools and make our own discoveries along the way, but it takes time to build those tools and understandings. So, of course, we aren't gonna get there over night.

Believe me, I have suffered the disappointment of not being at the center of my goal when I wanted so bad to be. We have been bread into a society that as instant gratification at the top of it's list for Mundane Emotional Drug Fixes. The faster something we want comes our way, the quicker we want it to come, quicker and quicker until we loose the sense of what it means to actually build an appreciation for what we desire through work and an effort to understand. So that is the pain, that is the withdrawal. And we are forced to still ourselves and do what we should have started off doing in the first place, giving ourselves time to get there.

Mind you, this time given, is not time wasted in basic goof-off-ery, if so, than the problem is deeper than expected. We also do not "give ourselves time" by racking our selves with mindless work that leaves us exhausted and delirious at the end of every day in hopes that we can reach that goal quicker. That is not how it works. Yes it's about balance and sincere effort, not waiting for something to happen. You must take the necessary steps to make it happen and it will in it's own time, however, if there is just the desire to sit and wait for a golden ticket to manifest in your hand, there is no effort there. When there is that rue effort driving you, don't expect to get it all at once. You'll seriously just disappoint yourself.

This brings us to the moments that we assume a moment of failure, but don't be decieved, it isn't failure, it's learning. When we go forth and make a mistake on the road to our goal, it shows us what we didn't know, what we did know, and how it can be done differently, that's all. The only true failure is when we completely give up and decide to no longer pursue a venture that had our hearts singing for. It is best to always try for your goal than try to live with the regret of never continuing. There is always an opportunity to start something that will make you happy beyond words. So take that choice and run with it, and always follow your heart, and when i say that i don't mean follow your organ in your chest.No, i mean that feeling, that inner intuition, the same one that tells you what is right and what is wrong. That is your source of truth that is connected to something higher than physical desire. It will always guide you.

Asong that seems to pop up every time I get impatient:

One of my favorite reminders.

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~


  1. This one I particularly loved . Struggling to write something inspired by it. But the sheer possibilities these lyrics create is crazy.

  2. This one is my favorite It speaks of a profound love that always strikes a cord in me.

  3. Oh! A coincidence again... the woman in my poems. This was her favourite too. We listened to it together over international phone calls...whenever internet did not work.. ha ha. Bless you Mary!