February 8, 2017

The Essence of Change

That new year smell...

So, it's the new year, 2017, and things have been different. I've noticed that that idea of different has been the theme of a lot of people's lives. We have a new president that not many had anticipated would be elected and that is just the bigger most popular realization of this year of change. I think in a lot of many different ways change has started to occur for each individual. But over all, it seems that there has been a turning-of-the-page on a global scale. As far as myself well, that's looking further into the pieces of the puzzle.

It seems the shadows of last year have come to remind me of past mistakes and decisions. It's the oddest thing in the world. It's the feeling that time is like DNA, all scrunched into an organized ball for each timeline and my beginning of the year for last year is playing out just beyond the realm of what I can see but I can sense it so well that memories from the time are conjured up so quickly. It is interesting though, because there is so much about this beginning that is extremely different.

For one: I never thought that i would open up an Etsy shop and start selling my handmade goods. That was the farthest thing from my mind at the beginning of last year. Another thing is that I'll be turning 21 soon. It's that infamous age where the true recklessness of a person is decided and the most vulnerable situations can occur, if you let them, that is. I have never been a party gal, so my birthday is going to be comprised of pizza, thrift stores, and ice cream with the girls; simple sweet pleasures that are sincere.

As I grow older and see how people can be, I just want to live my life in the best way possible, learn, and be happy. There is so much to get really bitter and angry about in this world, and it's sad because that can consume a person. There is this drive I see in others o force this type of grandiose intense change in the world that will instantly benefit the world. But it doesn't work that way. It never has, From the studying that i have done, going from one extreme to another doesn't harbor the type of results originally desired. It takes serious time and work to do it right. It may be slow but, you know what, everyone is in such a rush now a days that they forget that they need to actually see what they are doing. Time waits for no man, but time is a powerful thing and if you flow with it instead of trying to make it bend to your will, you will see some positive results not originally anticipated.

So, my advice is to go at your own pace, and see what happens. We all have plans but there is something greater that decides whether or not those plans pan out. Chance some would call it, but either way, there are too many uncontrollable variables in this world and instead of trying to control it, try working with it. You never know, it may be more fruitful than trying to force your life.

~Thoughts of a Dreamer~